Meet the General Manager

Meet the General Manager Brent

Fine Dining & Breathing: An Industry Life

Brent Cook can’t remember a life before his career in the hospitality industry. Starting at the age of five, he spent his formative years busing, serving, and dishwashing at his grandparents’ roadside diner. As Brent grew into his teens, his mind became set on the idea of culinary school. At home he began experimenting with new styles and flavors. When he was presented an opportunity to start work as a line cook, he accepted without having to think twice. Brent’s drive and determination garnered the respect of his fellow cooks. He was well on his way to becoming a culinary artist.

Brent paid his way through culinary school by bartending. After graduating, he cycled through a number of hotel kitchens, slowly working his way up to executive chef. While some may have considered that to be the pinnacle of a culinary artist’s career, Brent began to grow restless. He wanted a challenge which incorporated all aspects of managing a restaurant, so he accepted a position as the general manager of Giaola Italian Kitchen.

At Giaola, Brent’s biggest challenge has been building hype around a great restaurant tucked away in sleepy Bressi Ranch. He has worked to drive sales by cultivating an atmosphere which tastefully balances the best elements of both casual and fine dining, by matching Giaola’s world class cuisine with the very best in live entertainment.

Whether he’s working front of the house or back of the house, Brent’s number one concern has always been the guest experience. His experience working in nearly every food service position imaginable makes him the perfect stop gap for putting out fires.

Brent’s Favorite Dish description: Giaola’s Cold Cut Sandwich is a staple in Brent’s diet. He loves the simplicity of this delectable dish, which features mortadella, pepperoni, mozzarella, pepperoncini, and garlic aioli on an house Italian roll.